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  • Are there any extra charges on the calculated prices?

No, there aren't. The prices that appear on our web-site are final prices. Weelchairs, bags, baby seats don't have any additional charges.

  • How do I pay for my transfers?

- By cash on the end of the transfer.

- By credit card also on the end of the transfer.

And also you may request and official receipt.

  • Where will I meet the driver?

We will meet you in the MEETING POINT. The driver will have a placard of Mallorcataxicar with your name on it.

  • Can I get any confirmation of my reservation?

Yes, you can. We will send you and email with your reservation facts, so you will have a justification of your reservation.

  • What will happen if my flight is delayed?

Don't worry. For us it is not a problem. We control your flight by internet and by phone. We are in touch with Aena.

- In case of delay, cancellation or other incidents during the departure, please contact us 

  • How do I book a return taxi?

By filling in the same form you may reserve a return taxi. (This is optional).